Swift. Effective wound care that pays for itself.

Trusted by over 3,000 organizations

Swift enables the delivery of best practice wound care in 4 ways:
Capture. Manage. Improve. Grow.

1. Capture

Bringing clinically calibrated wound imaging to your phone and tablet.


2. Manage

Providing real-time visibility into your wound care population.

Automatically integrate wound assessment data into patient charts.

Eliminate the need for duplicate documentation.

360 insight into the entire wound population.


3. Improve

Faster healing in less time.

48% less time

Required per nurse visit upon adopting Swift

88% reduction in pressure injury

Prevalence within 6 months of adopting Swift

300% faster healing rate¹

Make the most impactful customer connections at the right moment through real-time insights behavior.


4. Grow

Turn wound care success into a marketing tool for more referrals.

Improve star ratings by keeping wounds from worsening and preventing readmissions.

Turn wound care success into a marketing tool to attract more patients.

Admit more complex wound patients with confidence.

#1 in Wound Care

in use by over



monitoring over


patients monthly

streamlining over

$1 billion

in reimbursements

Optimal Home Health
Chad Fincher

“With Swift, we can now see both the big picture and every little detail of our wound care management. Suddenly, everything wound care is easier, faster and better.”

McGill University
Dr. Sheila Wang
Dermatology Resident

“Swift Skin and Wound frees me from paperwork, easily saving me twenty minutes per patient. That means more time for what matters most to me – my patients.”

Great Lakes Healthcare Group
Amy Cassata, RN
Former Director, Clinical Operations

“Not only did Swift meet all our facilities wound care needs, their software is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. All healthcare software should be this good.”

Effective wound care that pays for itself