A Time Motion Study of Manual Versus Artificial Intelligence Methods for Wound Assessment

July 28, 2022|Published Research

Average Time Required for Wound Imaging

A time-motion study was conducted to examine the duration of wound assessments by clinicians in a real-world setting using Swift Skin and Wound, a digital application with artificial intelligence (AI), compared to manual methods. Clinicians at Valley Wound Center recorded the time taken to complete wound assessments for 91 patients and 115 wounds. The assessment activities involved labeling wounds, capturing images, measuring wounds, calculating surface areas and transferring data into the patient’s record.

The results concluded that using Swift Skin and Wound significantly reduced the time required for wound assessments. Here are the core learnings: 

  • 79% reduction in average time to complete a wound assessment (with digital over manual assessments)  
  • 22 to 52 days of clinician time saved each year per clinic 
  • 40% reduction in time to complete wound documentation 
  • Reduction in rejected claims for insurance payments (pre- and re-authorization) 

Read the complete study on the National Library of Medicine: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC9333325/ 

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