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Our Collective Impact

Ready to improve the standard of patient care?


Our Culture

Swift team members at the office and conferences“Culture breathes life into our organization, guiding our actions, interactions, and dedication for our work, the clients and patients we serve. It is the beating heart that defines our experiences and drives our shared success. Our culture sets the tone, fueling our commitment to holding ourselves to a higher standard to achieve accountability and quality in our work.

Yet, the true magic lies within the symphony of collaboration and diverse voices. When we come together we amplify our strengths beyond the individual. It is through the power of teamwork that we achieve remarkable heights.”

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Our Work Environment

Team swift meeting virtually and hybrid

Remote first

We are a remote-first organization across Canada and the US.

Distributed, yet connected

Rituals like our semi-annual Homecoming events, quarterly town halls, weekly CEO update videos, team stand ups, weekly 1:1’s and in person deep work weeks foster collaboration, engagement and alignment.

Everything you need to succeed

We provide you with the tools to be able to work remotely effectively and efficiently, including a laptop and a remote work allowance.


Our Benefits, for Your Benefit

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Unlimited Vacation Program
100% Paid Health, Vision and Dental Benefits
Mental Health and Wellbeing Program
Continuous Growth Budget
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Parental Leave
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Employee Stock Option Plan
Company Laptop and Work from Home Budget
Parental Leave
Working While Traveling Program


Our Interview Experience

Interviewing for a new job can be overwhelming, but we want to make it as easy and valuable an experience as possible! That is why we provide you with as much information as possible right away and support you throughout the interview process so you feel prepared.

We take pride in our equitable hiring process, which is an important step in building a truly inclusive workplace.

  • All of our interviews are conducted virtually (except for senior leadership roles)
  • All candidates are evaluated on the (unbiased, metrics based approach) same criteria, assessed through standard questions and structured interviews
  • Our goal is to get to know you as best as possible through a detailed, yet friendly and warm approach that also gives you an opportunity to get to know us better too

Our Interview Stages



A member of the People/Talent Team will reach out to you for the first conversation. We want to get to know you beyond just your resume.



An in-depth conversation with your potential leader, to get to know each other. They will deep dive into your experience, assess key skills and to give you more insight into the role and the team.



For some more specialized roles, there may be a 60-90 minute technical or assignment based interview with our experts in the domain. This could entail a problem solving exercise or case study to evaluate your skills.



Lastly, you will spend some time with your potential team leader and peers to get to know each other, dig into specifics and ask questions. This is an opportunity to meet the folks that you’d potentially be collaborating with most closely at Swift.

Join a team that enables you to grow, bring new ideas to life and do meaningful work that has a true impact on people's lives.