A culture of growth, curiosity, and camaraderie

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Our Values


Impact through Empathy

We know that it is through empathy – through understanding and compassion – that we will effect change. We put empathy into action with everything we do.


In Metrics We Trust

We have a ferocious appetite for data. We collect, share and use data to drive internal decisions, accelerate partnerships and to empower our customers to provide better patient care.


Pride & Perspective

We approach our work with hunger and humility. We take pride in what we accomplish individually, but we always keep our bold company vision in mind when a coworker asks for support. We know the impact and velocity we seek is only achievable through teamwork.


We choose to do (there is no try)

Ambitious ideas are worthless without great execution. We have the courage and resilience to see our ideas through. We are impatient to change the world and always operate with a sense of urgency.





At Swift you'll find...


We work distributed

Let's face it, you don't want to go to the office every single day and either do we. Swift has flexible working hours and distributed, hybrid working arrangements to accommodate all styles of productivity.


We enforce vacation

Even though we have an unlimited vacation policy, you'll find our team leaders pushing you to take time off. At Swift we know how important it is to take breaks and recharge. Just make sure to bring back photos to share.


We like to celebrate

We've come out of our shell over the years realizing that we really do have so much to celebrate. We get everyone together at least twice a year, on-site (only when safe!) as a team to socialize, strategize, and celebrate our wins.


Your safety is paramount

We were one of the first companies to go remote when COVID started and our staff nursing team ensures our policies keep you, your family, and our team up-to-date and as safe as possible.


You will be asked for your opinion

We are a rapidly growing organization but we always keep in check that the loudest voices are not always the most correct. Swift values innovation, ingenuity, and independent thought over rank and tenure.


Winning is a team sport

We pride ourselves on solving really hard problems together in big, cross-functional teams. Despite how close we are, we prefer 'pro athlete' to family because that's how we operate - like a championship team.

We hope to be back to this soon...