Improving wound care. Swiftly.

Our Vision

Swift Medical strives to alleviate the global prevalence of chronic wounds and the challenge of treating wounds effectively. We capture wound images and measurement without the doctor or nurse having to touch the wound. And we digitize, track and automate the entire wound care management workflow, creating better outcomes from capture to claim.

Our Values

  • We choose to work compassionately. We put empathy into action.
  • We choose integrity: honesty and strength in character and design.
  • We choose to face challenges with a learner’s mind: No ego, just openness, eagerness, and lack of preconceptions.
  • We choose to do (there is no try): Help each other take flight, avoiding self-doubt and procrastination.

These values guided our founders and they guide us in pursuing our mission and ultimately achieving our vision. We will also add to these values based on recent company culture initiatives.

Swift Founders

Carlo Perez

CEO and Co-Founder

Edwin Liang

Director of Engineering and Co-Founder

Justin Allport

Chief Engineer and Co-Founder

Dr. Sheila Wang

Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder


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