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A conversation with Professor Keith Harding, international wound care authority

After more than 40 years as a leading clinician, researcher and educator in wound care, Professor Keith Harding has plenty to say about this still-evolving field of medicine. He took time recently to share his thoughts on wound healing and to provide perspective on how wound care has evolved over the last four decades. It was during your final year as a medical student at the University of Birmingham that you became interested in wound care. Can you tell us more about this? I had asked my mentor at the university, Professor Sir Geoffrey Slaney, if I could do something for him. So he got me working for three months on a project that tried to show if low-dose heparin – which acts as an anticoagulant – affected wound healing. That’s how I got interested in wounds. How did this lead to your career and expertise in wound care? After Birmingham I came back to South Wales, where I’m from …

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Wounds: A Global Problem, a Home Health Challenge

With acute and chronic wound cases on the rise, home health care providers face many challenges – and opportunities A GREATER BURDEN OF CARE FOR A GROWING NATIONAL AND GLOBAL CONCERN Acute and chronic wounds are a growing national and global concern, driven by aging populations and the increasing prevalence of chronic conditions such as diabetes and obesity. Home health agencies bear a great burden of care for acute and chronic wounds, with over a third of home health care patients requiring treatment for wounds.1 One study has found that looking after a wound can take up to 50% of care services provided in the home.2 THE WOUND CARE CHALLENGE FOR HOME HEALTH As the incidence of chronic wounds continues to rise over the next decade at an expected rate of 2% annually,3 home health agencies face significant clinical, administrative and financial challenges. Inaccurate wound measurement. Accurate data enables proper wound diagnosis and treatment, yet the commonly used ruler methods …

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Swift joins Aging2.0 collaborative focused on improving the lives of older adults

Swift Medical Inc., has joined Aging2.0, a San Francisco-based non-profit organization that supports innovators taking on the biggest challenges and opportunities in aging. As an Aging2.0 Alliance member, Swift is part of a global community of companies that work together to cultivate, develop and scale innovations that improve the lives of older adults. “We’re living in an aging world, with older people accounting for higher proportions of the population in many countries around the world,” says Swift CEO Carlo Perez. “At the same time, technology innovations are accelerating at an unprecedented rate, particularly in artificial intelligence and machine learning. As an innovator in wound care, Swift has much to contribute to — and to learn from — the Aging2.0 community.” Swift has a history of collaboration with innovators in wound care and elder care. Over the last three years, the company has forged partnerships with Healogics, the largest provider of advanced wound care services in the U.S., and PointClickCare, a …

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Swift CEO is finalist in EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 Awards in Ontario

Carlo Perez, CEO of Swift Medical Inc., has been named a finalist in the EY Entrepreneur of the YearTM 2018 Awards in Ontario. The prestigious global award, which runs in over 145 cities in more than 80 countries, celebrates entrepreneurs who are building and leading successful, growing and dynamic businesses. “I feel so honored to be included in this shortlist of outstanding Ontario entrepreneurs,” says Perez, who co-founded Swift in January 2015 after a diverse career as an engineer, researcher, entrepreneur and post-graduate college instructor. “The region boasts such an impressive caliber of business leaders – it’s great to be recognized by an organization such as EY.” The Entrepreneur of the Year Awards program has been highlighting the achievements of Canada’s innovators and drivers for 25 years. This year’s Ontario winners will be announced October 25, 2018 at the Ontario awards gala. Read the EY press release.

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Swift is in its element in PwC and CB Insights periodic tech table

Just when you’ve finally memorized the periodic table, a new one comes along – and it includes Swift Medical Inc. Professional services firm PwC Canada and tech market analyst CB Insights have compiled the country’s top tech startups, investors and exits into a periodic table that highlights Swift as one of Canada’s top startups in digital health. The table includes just over 100 private companies, along with the top 20 exits of Canadian companies since 2013 and the most active corporate investors and venture capital firms investing globally in private tech companies. View the PwC Canada and CB Insights periodic tech table, and look for Swift – our symbol is Sm.

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Swift success: CEO Carlo Perez shares startup wisdom with Medium readers

Thousands of businesses start and fail every year. So what sets successful ventures apart from the rest? In this Medium Q&A, Carlo Perez, CEO of Swift Medical Inc., talks about the ups and downs of building a health tech startup that now dominates the wound care management market. Read The key to startup success? Isolating a unique challenge and continuing despite the odds

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How Do You Heal a Wounded City?

Social media is full of the hashtag #TorontoStrong, and as a city we have a lot to be proud of when it comes to how our city handled yesterday’s events. There were the many bystanders that ran to the immediate aid of people that were like them, innocently walking down the street when they were attacked. There were the many first responders, doctors, and nurses that worked tirelessly throughout the day and night to treat the injured. There was the “Cop that didn’t shoot”, whose calm professionalism in a moment of terror, saved a life that will hopefully be able to provide answers to why a tragic event like this happened. There was even the family standing on the sidewalk handing out water to those that had a long walk home because of road and subway closures. While we can’t ever fully prevent violent acts against our city, what we can do, is control how we as a community react to yesterday’s …