Wound Care Clinics

Remote real-time care with complete patient visibility

Beyond video, Swift Virtual Wound offers calibrated imagery, remote automatic measurements, and healing progression dashboard so care continues, even if patients remain at home.

Effectively Leverage Your Wound Care Expertise

By partially automating and fully standardizing wound care assessment, Swift Skin and Wound enables clinicians to successfully conduct wound visits that can be reviewed by the patient’s entire care team.

  • AutoDepth enabled 3D technology
  • Pre & Post-debridement imaging and documentation
  • Clinically validated measurement tools

The Efficiency You’ve Been Waiting For

Swift is 57% faster than traditional wound measurement as digital images are uploaded directly to patient charts. Swift allows you to document completely and consistently at point-of-care.

Swift Skin and Wound makes capturing wound care area, length, width, depth and color, as easy as taking a photo. The measurements are 44% more accurate than the ruler method.

Swift offers online/offline capability to improve efficiency regardless of internet connection.

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Autodepth – A Measure Like No Other

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Swift integrates with your clinic’s existing workflows

Automatically integrate wound assessment data into patient charts

Eliminate the need for duplicate documentation

Bi-directional interface between Swift and the clinic EMR

Meaningful Data & Reporting

  • Easily view wound healing progress and treatment reports and get real-time visibility at the facility and organization level
  • Reduce the number of denied claim submissions through consistent and compliant documentation in a timely manner
  • Better understand effective treatment interventions

Learn how Swift Virtual Wound can enable you to continue delivering essential wound care

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