Trends in Pressure Injuries Associated with Adoption of a Wound Care Program and Technology in Skilled Nursing Facilities 

January 24, 2024|Published Research

Average Days to Heal a Pressure Injury

In one of the most comprehensive studies of its kind, Swift measured the impact of a digital wound care program and technology utilized in skilled nursing facilities (SNF). This study, published in WOUNDS, analyzed the pressure injury (PI) prevalence rate, healing time and the number of F-686 citations >G across 128 SNFs over 8 months (January 2022 to August 2022). These metrics were compared to the previous year’s data for the same period. Of the 106,089 residents admitted to SNFs, the study analyzed records from 13,921 residents experiencing a PI.

The results showed a significant acceleration of resident wound healing time while achieving a 6x return on the technology investment. Here are some of the outcomes from the large skilled nursing organization:

  • 600% return on the technology investment 
  • 33.8% improvement in pressure injury prevalence (13.1% reduction) 
  • 8.2% reduction in F-686 citations >G 
  • 37.4% reduction in days to heal a PI (17.7 days saved per PI) 
  • 87% fewer facilities received PI citations (using Swift vs not using Swift) 

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