Wound healing over time in Swift Skin and Wound app

Home Health Agencies

Deliver critical wound care with less resources

Successfully manage more complex wounds and increase your agency capacity to deal with the huge influx of high-acuity patients, with fewer visits and more remote support – from your wound care team, or ours!

Swift Skin and Wound app measuring a wound size

Leverage your wound care expertise

By partially automating and fully standardizing wound care evaluations, Swift Skin and Wound enables RNs and LPN/LVNs to successfully conduct wound visits, reviewed and monitored remotely by the wound care team.

Wound care experts can maximize their caseload by applying their expertise through the patient and population dashboards, aided by the highly calibrated imagery collected at the point of care.

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Swift Skin and Wound app measurements

Deliver better wound care

Swift Skin and Wound is clinically validated to generate accurate and consistent measurements, replacing the paper ruler. Reliable length, width and depth measurements, combined with images calibrated for size, shape and color gives a more complete picture of wound progression. Accessible in the field and office, this data enables more informed decision making by clinicians, wound care teams, and clinical leadership.

Swift enables clinicians at Home Health Agencies to operate at the top of their license. This allows agencies to increase the reach of their wound care experts, and makes scaling wound care easier by leveraging wound care technology.

Swift Skin and Wound dashboard

Immediate visibility into your wound population

Patient dashboards enable comparative wound tracking, while agency-level dashboards provide real time analytics on patients’ wounds and the overall wound population.

This real time data helps agencies understand and improve program quality, ensure complete documentation and mitigate risk.

Increase capacity at your Home Health Agency with Swift

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