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The Blueprint to Building a Profitable Wound Care Specialty for Home Health

As a follow-up to the popular webinar on the same topic, this 30-page eBook digs deep into the ‘how’ of starting and expanding a home health wound care program, that is profitable.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Why Wounds, Why Now?
  3. Why Invest in Wound Care?
  4. Is Wound Care Right for You?
  5. How to Build a Wound Care Program
  6. Key Elements of a Wound Care Program
  7. What Next
  8. About Swift Medical
  9. Citations
  10. Appendix

Your Bonus Materials

✔  Editable project task list
✔  Recorded webcast
✔  Example Project Plan

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This content was built for Home Health Owners and Administrators. Feel free to share this with your team and contact us if you have any questions.