International wound care authority Prof. Keith Harding joins Swift as scientific advisor

January 11, 2018|News Releases

TORONTO, CANADA (January  11, 2018)– Professor Keith Harding, an international authority, pioneering educator and clinical practitioner in wound care, has joined the scientific advisory board at Swift Medical Inc., the world leader in enterprise-grade digital wound care management.

A Commander of the Order of the British Empire, Prof. Harding is medical director of the Welsh Wound Innovation Centre – the first national institution focused solely on wound healing and research – and head of the Wound Healing Research Unit at Cardiff University’s School of Medicine in Cardiff, Wales. His role as founding member of the scientific advisory board at Swift deepens the company’s expertise in the field of wound care and underscores its leadership in the market.

“We feel so honored to have Professor Harding as our first scientific advisor,” says Carlo Perez, CEO and co-founder of Swift, whose Swift Skin and Wound solution digitizes, automates and improves the entire wound care management workflow – from image capture and risk scoring to claims submission. “His presence on our scientific advisory board gives us direct access to the latest research and insights in wound care, as well as a truly global perspective on the challenges and opportunities in this vast, growing space.”

Dr. Sheila Wang, chief medical officer at Swift and a former intern in Prof. Harding’s wound lab at Cardiff University, says he brings unique experiences and perspectives on the evolution of wound assessment and treatments

“As someone who has seen and shaped wound care research and clinical practices over four decades, Prof. Harding is uniquely positioned to give us expert guidance and direction,” says Dr. Wang. “In addition to his leadership roles in wound research and education, and in commercializing wound care innovations, he also runs a full-time clinical practice dedicated entirely to wound patients.”

Prof. Harding, author of more than 400 publications in wounds, says his decision to join the scientific advisory board at Swift was driven by the company’s talented team and its distinctly pragmatic innovation, Swift Skin and Wound.

“I’ve seen other solutions in the market that are over-engineered and over-complicated, and there are a couple of devices out there that are probably useful for research studies. But none of them are pragmatic enough for clinicians to collect meaningful data in a routine manner in various patient scenarios,” observes Prof. Harding, a fellow of the United Kingdom’s Royal College of General Practitioners, the Royal College of Surgeons, and the Royal College of Physicians.

“By comparison,” he adds, “Swift Skin and Wound is designed for practical clinical and administrative applications, in ways that are really making a difference for patients and healthcare providers.”

Swift Skin and Wound is the world’s most advanced and comprehensive digital wound care management software. Proven with enterprise-scale as well as small facility integrations, Swift Skin and Wound delivers better outcomes for patients, clinicians and administrators through three key innovations:

  • the Swift App, a smartphone-ready program that  captures wound images and data, including measurement and healing progress, without touching the wound
  • the Swift HealX, an FDA-registered marker to calibrate wound images for size, color and lighting
  • Swift Dashboards to provide real-time views of critical data such as patients at risk of deteriorating or developing new wounds, staff compliance to wound care protocols and effectiveness of care improvement initiatives

“There are significant opportunities for Swift Medical and its Swift Skin and Wound software,” says Dr. Harding. “I look forward to working with the very bright and talented people at Swift.”

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Swift Medical is the world leader in digital wound care management, delivering advanced wound care visualization and touchless 3D measurement through its smartphone-ready Swift Skin and Wound software. This enterprise-grade solution streamlines clinical and administrative wound care management workflows, from image capture and automatic risk scoring to assessment scheduling and claims submission. Today, Swift Skin and Wound has been adopted by more than 1,000 facilities to monitor over 100,000 beds. To learn how Swift has digitized and transformed wound care, visit

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