Swift Skin and Wound takes center stage at American Academy of Dermatology summit

February 18, 2018|News Releases

Dr. Sheila Wang, chief medical officer at Swift Medical Inc., presented Swift Skin and Wound at the 2018 American Academy of Dermatology Annual Meeting, held February 16 to 20 at the San Diego Convention Centre. She was among the six AAD Resident/Fellow Quality Improvement Award recipients who were invited to present at the session on Rewards and Awards: How to Make QI Pay Off.

In presenting Swift Skin and Wound Dr. Wang shone a spotlight on the demand for home-based care for chronic wounds, which is expected to grow significantly as the world’s populations continue to age. To address this trend, her project team developed Swift Skin and Wound, a mobile solution whose key purposes including improving remote patient wound care.

“We have several goals: optimize the best resources, ensure closer implementation of best-practice guidelines for wound healing, enlist caregivers and patients to be involved in wound monitoring, and quality healthcare improvement via province-wide reporting of epidemiological metrics,” says Dr. Wang. “Our project provides healthcare teams with better wound management tools in order to deliver better care at home.”

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