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Happy nurses lead to happier patients

200,000+ patients are being monitored every month with Swift Skin and Wound. With that comes thousands of minutes regained for nurses to do what they do best, taking care of their patient. Less time spend coping with inconsistent and antiquated wound measuring techniques, less time doing manual and duplicated documentation, and less time stuck in traffic for the most specialized wound nurses.

But don’t take our word for it, listen to those who use Swift Skin and Wound every day.

Swift Medical is Different

“In the past, we tried other wound modules, but we found we couldn’t rely on them to produce consistent measurements. Swift Medical is different. Their clinically validated solution allows us to take consistent wound measurements and photos every visit. But Swift doesn’t just collect better data. The back office solution enables full remote management and visibility, which ultimately enables our staff to provide more personalized and proactive wound care for all of our patients. With Swift Skin and Wound, we’ve found a solution that not just supports our practice, but elevates it.”

Pam Parsons
Administrator, Lee Healthcare
Home Health Agency

Making Dollars and Sense Out of a New Technology

Sometimes you have to see it (or hear it) for yourself. Swift Skin and Wound is being used across the health care continuum to help make wound care easier, safer, less risky, and less costly. Discover the benefits one agency saw as a result of adopting Swift Skin and Wound.

“After seeing a demonstration of the software online, we realized that it hit those key markers that could really take our wound care program from the status quo to something we could actively promote.”

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When is it Time to Make a Change?

At times, it feels impossible to find the “right time” to make a change or to adopt to a new way of moving forward. In 2019 Select Home Care made the decision to adopt Swift Skin and Wound not because it was going to be easy, but because if they didn’t adapt, wound care would only get harder.

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Home health teams are winning with wound care

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