Scientifically calibrated AI imaging to your smartphone

Swift Skin and Wound app

AI at the bedside

Swift AI Technology performs a semantic analysis of the image data, enabling care teams to find wounds more accurately, correctly identify specific tissues, and predict outcomes earlier. Using deep learning, the software observes the collection of wound assessments captured each day, incorporating each into its body of knowledge to continually improve over time.

Swift Skin and Wound app measuring wound size

Seeing what can’t be seen

Capturing the visual elements of a wound shouldn’t be bound by the limitations of a photo. Swift Skin and Wound is revolutionizing bedside imaging by giving practitioners the full picture—observing healing over time and looking above and below the skin to deliver accurate reporting and better patient outcomes.

Swift Skin and Wound dashboard

Predicting the unpredictable

Wound care today involves hundreds of factors, making prediction difficult. Swift takes the whole patient record into account and builds an actual understanding of the wound—measurements, patient history and comorbidities, and automated image analysis. Better intelligence resulting in deeper understanding.

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