The Right Tools Matter

Why You Need More Than Document Management for Wound Care

Just because some documentation systems can help track wounds, doesn’t mean high-performing home health organizations won’t benefit greatly from specialized wound management tools.

Swift’s advanced clinical technology includes features that aren’t present in documentation solutions, even those with wound management modules.

Swift’s FDA-Registered Clinical Technology Provides:

1. Better Consistency & Accuracy

It’s easy to put a digital ruler in an app. In fact, many phones come standard with one. What’s hard is consistently measuring wounds in a clinical setting. Swift is the only automatic wound measurement tool that has been clinically validated to provide accurate and consistent surface area and depth measurements to better track healing and progress.

2. Better Wound Documentation & Workflow Integration

Swift’s comprehensive dashboards provide real-time visibility into your wound care population, including individual patient wound healing trends so that clinicians can provide more preventative and proactive care to high risk patients. 

3. Better Value

Swift empowers frontline clinicians to operate at the peak of their scope of practice. Unlike generic documentation solutions, Swift enables remote wound reviews and consultations by wound specialists to increase the proficiency and capacity of your care team. 

With Swift, your home health nurses have access to one of the most powerful wound management solutions available today.

In 45 minutes, you will:

  • Receive a guided product tour of the Swift Skin and Wound app
  • See Swift’s features and benefits in action
  • See real-life examples of how agencies have built their
    wound program around Swift
  • Learn about implementing seamless point of care and
    back office experience

Book a demo with us:

In the past, we tried other wound modules, but we found we couldn’t rely on them to produce consistent measurements. Swift Medical is different.

Their clinically validated solution allows us to take consistent wound measurements and photos every visit.

But Swift doesn’t just collect better data. The back office solution enables full remote management and visibility, which ultimately enables our staff to provide more personalized and proactive wound care for all of our patients.

With Swift Skin and Wound, we’ve found a solution that not just supports our practice, but elevates it.

Pam Parsons, Administrator, Lee Healthcare

Getting up and running with Swift is quick and easy

Our Enablement Team of wound care specialists will work with you every step of the way to make sure your implementation goes smoothly and is configured to the unique needs of your organization.

Swift can work in tandem with your existing documentation management solutions to offer your organization a purpose-built tool to measurably improve outcomes for your wound patients.