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Skin is the largest organ in the human body, accounting for 15% of your bodyweight and it must renew itself every 28 days.  It contains more than 11 miles (18 Km) of blood vessels and is the biological barrier to the entire world.  In short, it is extraordinary.  Shouldn’t your research tools be equally extraordinary?

AI Augmented | Precision Measurements

Swift scientific helps clinical trials make their point using clear, consistent endpoints.  Our artificial intelligence for automatic boundary detection, depth detection, and area calculations eliminates guesswork and data variability.  Whether you are evaluating therapeutics for wounds, skin cancer, inflammatory conditions, or cosmetics we have the right tools. 

Multimodal Imaging

By nature, dermal evaluations are visually demanding and require a deep understanding of optics, machine visioning, photonics, and hyperspectral analysis.  Swift Scientific is a global leader in anatomic imaging and our complementary physiologic imaging of inflammatory and vascular phenomena is relevant to most clinical studies where infection, immune, or environmental factors are important considerations.


Swift Scientific allows investigators to use smartphones or tablets (iOS or Android).  Notably our imaging tools can be used fully offline meaning convenience and broad availability for team members.  Depending on the study design, patients can also provide imaging from home which adds more data points and post intervention surveillance images – reducing study costs and increasing study compliance.

Color Corrected | Simplified Imaging

Swift HealX technology is the secret to simplified imaging – which provides high reliability endpoints.  The FDA registered HealX marker is the only technology of its kind in skin and wound research. The marker provides for a standardized series of images which are all “true-color” corrected – regardless of the ambient light.  Fluorescent, incandescent, LED, and sunlight all have a different Kelvin bias which is a confounding factor across subjects, skin tones and lighting conditions.  The HealX reference technology effectively eliminates this problem.

Real World Data (RWD)

Swift is one of the largest providers of skin and wound imaging in the world, trusted by over 3,500 organizations to manage more than 350,000 patients per month across the care continuum. From hospitals, to skilled nursing facilities, to home care, to clinics, Swift is used to image patients in nearly every clinical setting in every state in the US.  Swift Medial has deep integrations with some of the largest providers of electronic health records.  If your research involves “big data” we have the tools and data scientists to find new data relationships using machine learning and multivariate analysis.


Real time response analysis.  Dynamic plots for the region of interest (ROI) provide trends over time for each subject.  Additionally, study data is easily exported for statistical analysis or spreadsheet manipulations.. 

Communication | Coordination

Well run clinical trials require exceptional communication and coordination for all the stakeholders.  Swift Core provides practical console views and reports of subjects enrolled, investigator status, completed studies and more.  Study coordinators can customise control for user access and permissions.  Never miss a step. Swift provides study specific alerts and reminders for important steps.  In effect, these reminders are moved directly to “the bedside”, so nothing is overlooked by busy team members.  


Swift follows industry best practices and complies with all applicable industry standards such as Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), PHIPA, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), SOC2, Medical Device Single Audit Program (MDSAP) as per FDA standards as well as ISO 27001.

Swift has implemented hardened benchmark AMIs, file integrity monitoring and intrusion detection into our SIEM centralized logging platform for security, alerting and auditability.

Peace of Mind

Swift Scientific understands that every clinical trial is a big commitment.  As your partner, we have an equal commitment to precision measurements and high reliability data  – so you can make your point using our high reliability endpoints.

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