Announcement: Swift & Homecare Homebase Taking Integrations to the Next Level

August 11, 2021|Digital Wound Care

Homecare Homebase. + Swift Medical logos

When it comes to home health, you would be forgiven for thinking that technical integrations only matter to the IT department. However, care providers on the frontline also appreciate the time savings and smoother workflows that integrations provide.

At Swift, we’re continually improving our ability to integrate with the leading EMRs in home health. Our recently announced partnership with Homecare Homebase has opened the door for even deeper integration possibilities.  

Users today already greatly benefit from being able to access the same set of patient demographic information in both Swift and Homecare Homebase, helping them to save time on duplicate data entry and prevent errors. 

Homecare Homebase integration with swift

New and upcoming features will allow users to automatically import data from Swift directly into the appropriate fields in Homecare Homebase for wound images, wound summaries, and wound visits. 

For nurses and frontline staff, this means even less time spent on administrative tasks and documentation, fewer opportunities for mistakes, and more time spent with patients. For IT, it lessens the headache of managing and configuring important data stored in separate systems. And for administrators, it affords an even greater opportunity to analyze trends and identify problem areas.

Home health nurses have never been busier. Between growing patient volumes, increasing patient acuity and complexity, and added challenges from the pandemic, staff are pressed for time. More than half of nurses today report that they experience moderate to severe burnout. 

Technology, digital applications, and integrations are powerful tools that can help make the lives of nurses (and those that support them) easier. The result: better patient outcomes and more efficient operations.
To learn more about how Swift can help streamline your workflows, save time, and improve staff satisfaction, contact us.


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