Swift Virtual Wound Module

Connecting wound experts to deliver critical care virtually during the pandemic, and beyond.

The 6.5 million people living with chronic wounds in the US are the same people most vulnerable to COVID-19: older adults and those with underlying health conditions such as diabetes. These patients require critical care that cannot be put on hold during the coronavirus pandemic.

Wound Care Experts

Wound care providers cannot enter nursing homes or patient homes to provide routine wound care due to lockdowns and self isolation. Those providing care at wound care clinics will see less patients coming in due to social distancing.

Healthcare Facilities

71% of wound care patients in nursing homes need daily care, but visiting wound care providers cannot access the facilities during the pandemic. Both patients and providers need protection through isolation – but care needs to continue.

Wound Patients

Wound patients, amongst the most vulnerable to COVID-19, are practicing social distancing and avoiding clinic visits. Their wounds still need attention, or else they risk infection, hospitalization or amputation.

Swift Medical is answering the call with our new Swift Virtual Wound Module

Virtual Consulting Tools for Wound Care

Swift’s new add-on Virtual Wound Module is designed to connect patients and providers remotely during these unprecedented times.


Wound care providers will gain access to over 4,100 healthcare organizations looking for virtual consultations (via real-time video calling) and remote evaluations (without video).

I want to Provide Wound Care

SWIFT Virtual Wound MODULE

Nurses at skilled nursing facilities and home health agencies can access wound care expertise and share HIPAA-compliant wound images and measurements with external care providers.

I want to Access Wound Care

Swift Skin and Wound app measuring a wound size


Caregivers or patients at home can securely photograph and upload HIPAA-compliant wound images calibrated for lighting correction, along with automatic measurements, for remote evaluation by their wound care provider.

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Groundbreaking Coalition of Industry Leaders Bring Telehealth to Wound Care at No Cost During Coronavirus Pandemic

Swift Medical, Genesis, American Medical Technologies (AMT), ProMedica, AmeriWound, Wound Care Education Institute, Netsmart and others join forces to connect thousands of wound doctors, nurses, and experts to bring immediate telehealth relief to patients and alleviate health system capacity challenges.


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Connecting You With

The Best in Wound Care

Swift’s Virtual Wound Module currently connects over 2,000 wound care nurses and doctors with Swift’s customer network of 4,100 healthcare facilities – across all 50 states. It will keep patients and care providers safe while keeping patients in place and already overwhelmed hospitals. The Swift Virtual Wound Module design also allows for seamless inter-specialty consults.

For the Greater Good

The Coalition

Technology alone is not enough to address this challenge. This is not a problem that can solved by organizations on their own. This coalition represents a profoundly collaborative approach to connecting in a diverse wound ecosystem in order to provide compassionate and accessible care for wound patients, throughout and beyond this pandemic.

Join our Mission

It’s heartbreaking to have to choose between getting the vital care you need or contracting COVID-19. Foregoing treatment risks worsening of a wound. This worsening could include infection, amputation or death from sepsis.

Dr. Desmond Bell, Wound Care Physician
Omeza Health & Save a Leg, Save a Life Foundation

Swift Skin & Wound + New Virtual Wound Module

Designed for wound care

Many telehealth solutions work well for general medical consultations, but wound care requires a specialized platform designed for the unique needs of wound patients and their clinicians.

Built to Last

Enterprise level privacy and security

HIPAA-compliant platform already trusted by 2000+ healthcare organizations across the US healthcare continuum. Technology that will outlast the relaxed telehealth legislation.

Seamless Data Capture

Workflows integrated with leading EMRs

Telehealth doesn’t have to mean double documentation. Swift’s network of EMR partners via the Virtual Wound Coalition eliminates extra administrative work.

Swift HealX

Accurate images & measurements every time

State-of-the-art visioning, along with the safe US-made bio-compatible calibrant sticker, creates accurate, consistent, scientifically-calibrated measurements and color-corrected images.

Complete Patient History

All on one screen, during the call

View the complete patient health record on the screen during a live consultation to support effective remote provider decision-making.

Effortless Documentation

Leave nothing to chance with templates

Support consultation notes, disposition, care plan and automatically captures all billing information such as time spent for accurate reimbursement.

Robust Dashboard & Analytics

Easily track healing over time

Innovative visual layering tells the complete story of each wound. Discover the trajectory of wound healing over time at a glance, to determine treatment and care planning.

Alerts & Platform Updates

Stay up to date

Alerts and platform updates ensure you are kept informed of changes in CPT codes or new documentation requirements such as medical necessity for payment.

Care Team Collaboration

Get answers fast

Experience complete care collaboration. Share the telehealth interaction as a summary to report to referring physicians, or use to consult directly with referring physicians.

Easy to Use & Understand

No rulers needed

Any patient, clinician or caregiver can easily take a photograph of a wound. Swift’s AI technology automatically determines wound dimensions, detecting changes and risk based on image series.

Virtual Wound Webcast - Visiting Virtually

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