Beyond the Foundations: The Data and KPIs You Need for a Future-Proof Wound Care Program

Wound care is now a key focus area for medium and large home health agencies; new reimbursement under PDGM, shifting demographics, and new tools have made it an area worth investing in. But even the most sophisticated agencies are struggling to set up an efficient program that scales. 

Why? They lack the data points to understand the state of their wound care today. Many agencies are realizing they simply don’t know what they don’t know. 

In this 60 minute webcast, join Laurie Salmons of McBee Associates and Amy Cassata of Swift Medical as they discuss what essential data is almost always missing, and reveal the real stories behind what is happening in the industry and at agencies like yours. Join us to discover:

This webcast will dive into:

  • Common industry-wide challenges in wound care and what strategies to leverage for a successful wound care program.
  • The importance of an outcomes-driven program for managing your patients’ episodes under PDGM.
  • What data gaps agencies are experiencing and how to fix them.
  • How to go beyond the basics of wound care and truly set your agency apart.

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