Weathering the PDGM Storm: Strategies to Win Through Operational Efficiencies

Budget planning is an important priority every year, but it takes on new significance with PDGM in 2020. PDGM critical metrics will be key not only to managing your operations, but also for projecting your financial outcomes. Some industry experts are predicting up to 20% of agencies will fold by May because of tightened cash flow. That’s why Seth Joseph, a management consultant from Summit Health LLC, has been focused on developing 3 key strategies for Home Health to safeguard agencies from financial instability. Agencies will be able to maximize margins and grow revenue through intelligent labor optimization, focusing on delivering high reimbursement services such as wound care, and delivering care in the most cost efficient way.

This webcast is specifically designed for agency Administrators, Owners, and CEOs to give you the confidence your agency will be able to not only survive in the PDGM era, but thrive.