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Virtual Wound Webcast
Visiting Virtually

Video Recorded from Live Webinar


How has the pandemic affected wound care? 

Through interactive polling and stories from the field, we get a sense of how Covid-19 is affecting Skilled Nursing, Wound Care Clinics, Travelling Physicians and Home Health.

“Telehealth” vs “Virtual Wound” – Why does the difference matter?

Overview of the dangers of non-HIPAA compliant tools and limitations of standard Telehealth platforms when delivering wound care. 

Why did the Virtual Wound Coalition come together?

How this newly formed group of industry leaders will help to accelerate adoption of Virtual Wound by providing best practices, practical tools and an integrated, complete solution connecting all care settings.

How to deliver better wound outcomes and maximize opportunities?

Your Frequently Asked Questions related to Telehealth, billing, care delivery and coordination across the entire wound care continuum answered.

Your Host


Bob has served as CMO for two of the largest US wound care companies, has 30 years of wound care experience and started iCertus Health to look at how wound care is impacted by smartphones and digital devices.

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We polled our live audience to learn more about how they are delivering wound care during the pandemic. We also talked about the Virtual Wound Coalition, and clarified the difference between ‘Virtual Wound’ and ‘Telehealth’.