Comparison of Wound Surface Area Measurements Obtained Using AI-Based Technology Versus Manual Methods and the Effect on Debridement Reimbursement

October 15, 2023|Published Research

Average (Mean) Wound Surface Measurements with Manual Methods and Swift

This study compared the accuracy of wound area measurements obtained from a digital wound management solution (using traced wound dimensions) and a traditional paper ruler (using the width × length formula). The measurements were taken on 177 wounds in 56 patients at an outpatient clinic. The study then calculated the maximum allowable payment for debridement using the reported CPT codes based on each 20-cm estimated surface area.

The results showed that traditional paper rulers tended to overestimate wound area by more than 36.6%. This overestimation was more common in wounds with irregular edges or shapes, necrotic tissue and dark skin tones. Here are the key learnings:

  • 39% more accurate measuring wounds with darker skin tones using Swift 
  • Using manual methods for claims results in 10.6% overbilling for debridement claims 


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