COVID-19 has transformed the way healthcare practitioners treat and care for patients as well as shifted the perception and preference of how patients are receiving care. Innovative home health care providers are now looking at ways to meet the growing interest for home care from higher acuity patients that would have typically been treated in skilled nursing facilities. With the global pandemic changing the landscape of health care, a new opportunity is in home health practitioners leaning towards this new SNF At Home model.

What is SNF At Home?

The SNF At Home model combines skilled care for higher acuity patients in the home setting instead of in a SNF setting.

This webinar sponsored by Swift Medical includes a panel of home health agencies discussing the new model and its impact on treating high acuity patients. This discussion explores topics such as how home health professionals have adapted their practice to transition this new model, the impact of COVID-19, how technology plays a vital role, and more. This webinar addresses questions that many health care professionals have on their mind when it comes to planning for the challenges and opportunities of the new model.

The Top 5 Questions Home Health Agencies Should Be Asking About the SNF At Home Model

The following are addressed in the webinar:

  1. What are the challenges and opportunities within this model?
  2. How will wound care be different?
  3. What type of agency is best suited to develop a program with this model? What services will need to be considered?
  4. What are the official rules in place for reimbursement?
  5. Can technology fill the gaps?

Watch the webinar presented by Swift Medical to find out more about the SNF-At-Home model and how home health agencies are transitioning to this modernized practice of care.

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