Poster: Fluorescence-Based Quantification of Bacterial Presence

July 24, 2020|Digital Wound Care

On Feasibility of Fluorescence-Based Bacteria Presence Quanitifcation: P. aeruginosa is an accepted poster at this year’s SAWC Virtual conference.

Due to existing clinical bacteria load assessment methods being slow, laborious and time-consuming for the clinician, this poster and research looks at optical density correlated fluorescence spectroscopy (OD-CFU) as an alternative.

This is an imaging method which looks at a strain of bacteria in liquid, in search of any fluorescent compounds that may be present. Through collaboration with the Foucher Lab at Ryerson University, the study affirmed the challenging nature of bacterial load quantification in wound healing.

This approach, once investigated further, stands to benefit patients by offering a more minimally invasive approach to assessing the bacterial load of wounds. It will also offer the clinician a more efficient way to test bacterial load of wounds at the point of care.

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