Data Drive Wound Care poster

This poster was accepted as part of the Swift Medical involvement in SAWC 2020.

SAWC 2020

Data Driven Wound Care discusses the use of data and artificial intelligence to address the systemic burden of wounds, presenting the many areas of wound care that stand to benefit from taking such an approach.

In a field as complex as wound care, and where patient involvement is paramount, it makes a lot of sense to seek new ways to bolster human efforts. The more time spent with a consequently informed and satisfied patient, the better the clinical outcomes will be.

The poster states that an AI model can use tens of millions of patient charts and billions of data points. A clinician will not realistically see that many patients in their entire career. Bringing this kind of intelligence in to inform workflows and patient engagement is the future of wound care.

“It will be a catalyst for the evolution of more informed wound care practice and therefore help with the specialization of the clinical area.”

Douglas Queen PhD MBA, Amy Cassata RN WCC and Keith Harding CBE FRCP FRCS

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Data Drive Wound Care poster

Thousands of organizations across the care continuum look to Swift Medical’s content, expertise and platform to better understand their starting point for wounds data, and help pave a richer path for the future.

To learn more about the opportunity to enhance workflows and outcomes at both the point of care and back office, book a demo with the Swift Medical Team today.

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