Improve clinician satisfaction and patient outcomes by leveraging AI and machine learning.

Swift reduces the strain on clinicians with contact-free and painless methods to determine wound surface area and capture wound depth in a matter of seconds.

Swift AutoTrace: Accurate Wound Measurement Made Easy

The AutoTrace feature automatically suggests a wound trace after the user captures a wound photo.

AutoTrace not only speeds up the workflow, but also enables more accurate measurement of the wound area compared to a manual or semi-automated method.

Users can either accept AutoTrace’s segmented wound traces or modify them as needed.

Users can drag along the refine slider to fine-tune the trace further. AutoTrace enhances the workflow which directly affects the prognosis or treatment of a chronic wound. 

How Does AutoTrace Work?

AutoTrace uses a custom machine learning algorithm trained using thousands of manual traces from clinicians. AutoTrace can be executed in real-time on mobile devices without the need for an internet connection. This means that clinicians in areas of low-connectivity can still benefit from the added efficiency of AutoTrace.

Swift AutoDepth: 3D Wound Measurements at the Point of Care

Clinicians can capture and analyze images simply by waving a smartphone over a wound to capture images from different angles. Thousands of points are tracked between images which allows AutoDepth to generate the information needed to discern wound depth.

Probing the wound with a cotton swab is a painful and invasive depth measurement technique that risks contamination or spread of infection. With AutoDepth, you dramatically reduce all these negative factors, including the requirement of expensive medical devices.

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