Clinical, Operational and Economic Benefits Observed From Implementing a Digitally-enabled Wound Care Program in Home Health

May 16, 2024|Published Research

CenterWell Poster SAWC Spring 2024

This poster was featured at SAWC Spring 2024 in Orlando, Florida.

Authors: HebaTallah Mohammed, Kathleen Corcoran, Robert D. J. Fraser, Shivika Singal, Kyle Lavergne, Angela Graham, Andrew Rauch, Daniel Gill, Kwame Jones, David Mannion, Malini Krishnamoorthy, Amy Cassata 

Introduction: In 2020, CenterWell launched a comprehensive program to deliver high-quality wound care. The program includes advanced education for clinicians and an integrated AI-powered wound management solution, Swift Skin & Wound. 

Objective and methods: This study measured changes in clinical, operational, and financial outcomes across 14 home health branches participating in a wound care program and adopting Swift Skin & Wound from 2022 to 2023. Data sources included CenterWell’s Homecare Homebase health information system and Swift Medical’s database. The analysis reviewed 1,468 patients with 2,003 wounds in 2022 and 1,663 patients with 2,401 wounds in 2023 over the same four months (January-April). 


  • There was a 9.2% reduction in visits per wound episode. 
  • There was a 12.1% improvement in the 60-day hospitalization rate due to a wound. 
  • The median days to heal a wound decreased resulting in 35% faster healing time. 

To learn more about the research conducted for this poster, or to speak with the Swift Medical team about digital wound care, contact us.

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