The Blueprint to Building a Profitable Wound Care Program + Tool-Kit

Discover the essential building blocks to building a profitable wound care specialty at your home health agency. Start by watching the webcast or reading the ebook to understand the fundamentals, then use the worksheets to start implementing a plan to grow a successful wound care program in your home health agency.


Blueprint webinar video intro screen

The on-demand webcast that outlines the essential building blocks to a profitable wound care program with a real-world example of how one home health agency tackled their wound care challenge. Over 500 people tuned into the live webinar, watch the video to find out why.

– 60 minutes


ebook Blueprint to building a profitable wound care program in Home Health

An in-depth look at the market conditions that have made wound care an important area of focus for home health agencies plus tactical guide on where and how to start building your own profitable wound care program.

– 30 pages

Project Plan

Use this sample project plan as a guide to designing your own program. It contains suggested timelines, key activities, milestones and suggested resources at each stage. A great first step to starting your project.

– PDF guide

Expert Resource Guide

Blueprint expert resource guide

There is an abundance of free resources to help guide you in building a best-in-class wound care program. Here you’ll find a list of trusted associations and groups whose aim is to help you get started.

– PDF guide


Editable Excel Worksheet - Blueprint Tool-kit

This is your editable checklist for helping you keep track of project plan deliverables. Downloadable in excel format, your project lead will appreciate the actionable tasks and to-do’s to guide them in driving the project forward.

– Editable Excel worksheet


See for yourself how HIPAA compliant wound care imaging works. Discover the tools available for those performing wound care at the bed-side and for those in the back office.

– 1-to-1 call with Swift Product Specialist