Ace Home Health and Hospice Partners with Swift Medical to Deepen Trust and Relationships across the Healthcare System

March 17, 2020|News Releases

March 17, 2020. Swift Medical and Ace Home Health and Hospice are excited to announce their partnership to improve care for wound patients living at home. Ace Home Health, a leading home health and hospice agency committed to providing quality care, and Swift Medical, the leading provider of digital wound management technology, are partnering to deliver data-driven, evidence-based wound care and expand Ace Home Health’s reach across the Bay area.

Ace Home Health’s approach to care has been rooted in relationships. Ace works closely with payors to ensure that their healthcare providers are always providing the highest quality of care across clinical disciplines. As a result, payors trust Ace with complex patients who require more intensive resources and attention in the home. Now, with Swift’s technology implemented across their organization, Ace can provide payors and partners real-time data to highlight the benefits of their gold-standard approach to care.

“We are very proud of the work of our clinicians and believe their work is key to our success,” says Lorenzo Friar, President and Owner of Ace Home Health. “Now, with Swift Skin and Wound, we can use our wound care data to show positive outcomes, and share this clinical information with our referral sources. This has ultimately strengthened our relationships.”

In addition to supporting the development of partnerships in the healthcare ecosystem, the clinical data provided by Swift also helps home health agencies gain visibility into their clinical operations and realize opportunities for increased efficiency and performance. “Another benefit of using Swift Skin and Wound is we now have the ability to optimize the number of nurse visits because we have a tool to monitor progress and gain insight into wound healing,” says Friar of Ace Home Health. “This ensures we manage costs while still delivering on the high quality of care that Ace is known for.”

Swift Skin and Wound allows home health agencies to deliver best practice wound care across hundreds and thousands of patients. In addition, the technology provides real-time reporting on key population metrics including patient risk, total wound prevalence and patient healing trajectories. “Wound care requires a comprehensive, team-based approach. Swift Skin and Wound provides tailored views of agency data appropriate to each care team member,” says Siobhán Gibney Gomis, Director, Home Health at Swift Medical. “As a result, groups like Ace now have full visibility into key metrics that will strengthen relationships internally, amongst the care team, and externally, with the broader health system.”

Together, Swift Medical and Ace Home Health are ensuring patients receive the most efficient and appropriate care in the home.

About Ace Home Health and Hospice
ACE Home Health and Hospice is committed to providing a wide range of quality home health services to patients in the comfort of their own homes. Ace’s goal is to provide patients with home health care services that will enable them to improve function, mobility and outlook so as to help them recuperate from an illness or better manage a long-term chronic condition.

About Swift Medical
Swift Medical is the world leader in digital wound care. Their technology is used by over 2,000 healthcare organizations across the continuum of care. In home health, Swift Skin & Wound is enabling agencies to thrive under PDGM by increasing their margins, driving referrals and improving quality of care for wound patients. To learn how Swift is transforming wound care, visit

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