Swift Elevates Wound Care with AutoDepth Feature

November 7, 2017|News Releases

Industry-first offers touch-free, painless way to measure wound depth

TORONTO November 6, 2017Swift Medical, the world leader in wound care management technology, today introduced its new and innovative Swift AutoDepth technology that enables clinicians to take wound depth measurements at the point of care using a smartphone instead of expensive medical devices. PointClickCare Skin and Wound, powered by Swift Medical technology, will be one of the first solutions to integrate Swift AutoDepth.

“Wounds heal from the inside out, and wound depth measurement is an important indicator in determining if a wound is healing properly,” says Carlo Perez, CEO of Swift Medical. “We saw the need for a touch-free and painless way to automate wound depth measurement and delivered with AutoDepth. It’s a very important innovation that will ultimately enable better outcomes for all involved in wound care management.”

Long-term care facilities are required to take depth measurements for certain types of wounds like pressure injuries. This can be a painful and invasive procedure for patients, and is typically done with a cotton swab physically probing the wound for the measurement. The procedure can also create a risk of contamination or spread of infection. The uneven topography of a wound makes it difficult to determine its maximum depth. Swift AutoDepth offers a contact-free and painless method for clinicians to automatically document wound depth and volume in a matter of seconds.

With Swift AutoDepth, clinicians can capture and analyze images simply by waving a smartphone over a wound in a wand-like fashion. Thousands of points are tracked between images, and allow Swift AutoDepth to generate the information needed to discern depth, without the need for expensive attachments or imaging equipment.

“Pressure Ulcers are both a serious wellness issue for seniors living in long-term care facilities and one of the fastest growing sources of litigation risk for providers,” says Dave Wessinger, chief technology officer, PointClickCare.  “We believe enhancing our PointClickCare Skin and Wound solution with Swift Medical’s latest innovation to offer an automated, touch-free capability for measuring depth in wounds will be well received by our customers.”

The PointClickCare Skin and Wound solution, powered by Swift Medical technology, has helped to transform wound care management at the point-of-care in the long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC) market. Over the past year, clinicians have performed more than half-a-million assessments on patients across North America using PointClickCare Skin and Wound. The solution automates best practice in wound documentation, which helps to improve care delivery, mitigate risk, increase operational efficiency, and increase collaboration between care team members.

About Swift Medical

With more than 70,000 patients monitored per month across North America, Swift Medical delivers the world’s most advanced wound care management technology. Industry giants like PointClickCare depend on Swift Medical to deliver advanced point-of-care wound care visualization, measurement, and analysis technology. Swift Medical is committed to better outcomes for all — helping clinicians perform at the height of their practices, enabling better business outcomes for administrators, and providing patients with more immediate, informed care. To learn how Swift Medical delivers better outcomes for all, visit https://swiftmedical.com.

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