Swift Medical Publishes Paper Exploring the Science Behind how the Swift Ray 1 Helps to Prevent and Manage Pressure Injuries and Other Clinical Conditions

March 22, 2022|News Releases|By Adam Rogers-Green

The introduction of the Swift Ray 1 has ushered in a new era for wound care. In our latest paper, Gennadi Saiko, PhD; Bob Bartlett, MD; Rob Fraser, RN; and José Ramirez-Garcia Luna, MD, provide a broad overview on the clinical applications of one of the technologies used by the Swift Ray 1: thermal imaging. 

Learn how this technology can be used to help prevent and manage pressure injuries, diabetic foot ulcers, and vascular issues. And because thermal imaging provides diagnostically relevant information about what is happening below the skin’s surface, it has the same clinical utility regardless of skin tone. When paired with AI, this technology has even greater potential to positively impact patient care with predictive recommendations that enable proactive care. 

Comparison of the thermographic pattern of two subjects with and without diabetes. The left foot of a healthy subject (A,A1) and a patient with diabetes mellitus and vascular complications (B,B1) were imaged.

Thermal imaging is just one of the many imaging technologies available through the new Swift Ray 1. To learn more, watch our recent keynote presentation by our founder and CEO, Carlo Perez. 

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