Start using a data-driven approach for accurate and standardized wound care management
Data-Driven Wound Care:
A Business & Clinical Opportunity

Data-Driven Wound Care:
A Business & Clinical Opportunity

Written by international wound care authority and clinical practitioner Prof. Keith Harding, “Data-Driven Wound Care” aims to inform nurses, physicians and administrators about the possible data gaps that could better inform their practices and help provide better care to their patients.

Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Evolution of Wound Healing as a Clinical Specialty
  3. The Wound Care Challenge
  4. Data Collection and Decision Making
  5. Wound Assessment
  6. Wound Documentation
  7. The Wound Care Opportunity
  8. Data-Driven Approach
  9. Financial Implications & ROI

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This content was built for clinicians and business-minded professionals in wound care.