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Swift HealX ensures all your wound photos are calibrated for size, lighting and color.

Two Ways To Order

Order by Credit Card

Step 1 – Visit Our Store

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Step 2 – Select Swift HealX

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Step 3 – Checkout

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Order by P.O./Credit Terms


Download and fill out the appropriate Swift HealX credit terms application. Please make sure you sign and date the application before you send it to us.

Download US purchase order form
Download Canada purchase order form

Step 2 – Email Application

Email your application to orderhealx@swiftmedical.com for approval (which will take 3 – 5 business days).

A status of your application will be sent via email. It will include instructions for ordering.
STEP 3 – Email Purchase Confirmation
Customers with approved credit terms can email their purchase to orderhealx@swiftmedical.com.


For any questions/comments about your order, please send an email to:
orderhealx@swiftmedical.com or contact support.