Lee HealthCare Partners with Swift Medical to Improve Outcomes for Wound Care Patients in the Home

February 11, 2020|News Releases

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Swift Medical and Lee HealthCare are excited to announce their partnership to deliver better wound care in the home. Lee HealthCare, a leader in personal, in-home care services, and Swift Medical, the leading provider of digital wound management technology, are teaming up to enhance the quality and reduce the costs of wound care. 

Lee HealthCare has established themselves as a trusted companion in the home health community by ensuring dialogue and engagement are at the center of the patient-provider relationship. “We believe in implementing innovative technologies and programs to streamline administrative processes, so nurses can spend more time focusing on the individual needs of their patients,” says Tina Brooks, RN, Director of Patient Care at Lee HealthCare.

To further advance their mission, Lee HealthCare has adopted Swift Skin & Wound to automate and enhance wound measurements, allowing clinicians to spend less time documenting and more time in dialogue with their patients, and the rest of the care team. 

“With our innovative visioning technology, our solution dramatically improves the accuracy and consistency of wound documentation,” says Siobhan Gibney Gomis, Director, Home Health at Swift Medical. “This means nurses and administrators have better quality data to inform care treatment for patients.”

“Accuracy in documentation is huge!” says Brooks from Lee HealthCare. “We want to be able to show the progress in wound healing, or lack thereof, so that we can help the physician determine the treatment that’s best for the patient. Swift Skin & Wound allows us to gain visibility into healing trends across our entire wound population, as well as drill down into individual patient progress.” 

Together, Swift Medical and Lee HealthCare are working towards alleviating the cost burden of wound care in home health by putting patient knowledge, accumulated through dialogue and data, at the center of care. 

About Lee HealthCare

Lee HealthCare is a leading provider of personal, in-home care solutions and services across Texas. Their goal is to help clients find an in-home solution that fits with their unique set of needs and desires. Lee HealthCare goes one step further by providing coordination of services to manage all aspects of a client’s care. To learn how Lee HealthCare is transforming home health, visit http://healthcare.leehealthcare.com/

About Swift Medical

Swift Medical is the world leader in digital wound care. Their technology is used by over 2,000 health care organizations across the continuum of care. In home health, Swift Skin & Wound is enabling agencies to thrive under PDGM by increasing their margins and improving the quality of care for wound patients. To learn how Swift is transforming wound care, visit https://swiftmedical.com

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