Corus Health and Swift Medical Partner to Improve Patient Care and Increase Referrals in Home Health

February 28, 2020|News Releases

Swift Medical plus Corus Health logos

February 28, 2020. Swift Medical and Corus Health are excited to announce their partnership to provide superior wound care in the home and across the continuum.

With Corus Health’s five generations of experience providing comprehensive home care services and Swift Medical’s industry leading digital wound management platform, these organizations are working together to put the most innovative wound care tools in the hands of clinicians.

Corus Health is renowned for delivering a continuum of care approach that not only allows patients and their families to count on a single provider for their at-home care, but also bridges the gap between hospital and home – streamlining hospital discharges and preventing avoidable hospital readmissions. “Wound care is the most common service requested by our hospital referral partners,” says Renee Kohr, Executive Director at Corus Health. “We see Swift as an avenue for better wound care management AND a way of generating more referrals.”

Strong hospital relationships are more important than ever under the Patient Driven Groupings Model (PDGM), with referrals from institutional sources receiving higher reimbursement than referrals from the community. On top of this, wound care is the highest paid clinical grouping under PDGM – making hospital wound care referrals a lucrative priority for most home health agencies.

“We recognize that hospital and home health providers must operate collaboratively to coordinate care effectively for patients,” says Siobhán Gibney Gomis, Director, Home Health at Swift Medical. “Swift Skin & Wound helps the entire wound care team communicate and gain visibility into patient healing and outcomes across the continuum.”

“Swift not only offers more precise and standardized wound measurements, but also metrics, graphs and images that can be shared with the patient, family and referral sources to drive engagement,” says Renee from Corus Health. “Further, Swift’s technology provides a comprehensive view of our wound care population, which supports a more targeted, data-driven approach to building relationships with our referral sources as we’re able to provide evidence that shows our patient outcomes and quality of care.”

Together, Swift Medical and Corus Health are working to better support and coordinate care across the entire patient journey while rooting recovery in the home – where patients want to be.

About Corus Health
Corus Health is a home health care agency founded on the concept of a Continuum of Care over 100 years ago and used five generations of experience across the entire spectrum of healthcare to build a family-owned and operated company. Their Continuum of Care is unique as it guides and tracks patients over time via a comprehensive array of healthcare services spanning all levels and intensities of care. Corus Health is based in New Mexico. To learn how Corus Health is transforming home health, visit

About Swift Medical
Swift Medical is the world leader in digital wound care. Their technology is used by over 2,000 health care organizations across the continuum of care. In home health, Swift Skin & Wound is enabling agencies to thrive under PDGM by increasing their margins, driving referrals and improving quality of care for wound patients. To learn how Swift is transforming wound care, visit

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