Research Institutions

Demonstrate Meaningful Outcomes to Advance Research

Through Swift Medical’s Tier 1 Research Partnership Program, researchers can gain access to Swift Skin and Wound to improve visibility into research outcomes. This highly accurate and clinically validated technology empowers researchers to gather wound measurements in a cost-effective and streamlined manner. Total visibility into patient outcomes and easily accessible data export tools provide end-to-end support for research activities. Leverage Swift Medical’s in-house data science experts to uncover novel insights within complex data sets.

Technology Partners

Enhance your EMR Wound Care Offerings

Swift Skin and Wound provides healthcare organizations with the most comprehensive digital wound care management tool in the market. EMR partners across acute care, long term care, home health and specialty clinics can enhance existing offerings through integration with Swift Skin and Wound. Swift Medical ensures a combined offering with our EMR partners which is accessible and adheres to partner brand guidelines. Whether HL7, FHIR or a custom integration is required, our team of integration specialists will work with you to meet your customer needs.

Manufacturers and Distributors

Track Usage and Performance Across the Continuum

Swift Skin and Wound offers product dashboards to highlight the usage and efficacy of specific medical products. Gain visibility into product usage, demand and performance through integration with Swift Skin and Wound. Understand product misuse and adverse events to guide customers into the effective application and use of products, while uncovering real-time insights through full visibility into product and wound outcomes.

Device Manufacturers

Validate Your Device for Swift Skin and Wound

We can help you ensure that custom devices and tablets can offer the suite of benefits that smartphone users typically receive. As a result, your customers will benefit from a value-add wound care offering, distinguishing your product from competitors.

Supported devices


Nougat v7.0 or higher

Samsung Galaxy S7, S9+, Note 9


11 or higher

iPhone 6s/6s plus and newer
iPad Pro (2nd gen) and iPad Pro (3rd gen)

If you have a custom device that is not Android or iOS native, please email us at to learn how we can work together.